How Long Will I Need Therapy?


That answer is up to YOU.


I understand that your time is extremely valuable and I wish for you to meet your therapeutic goals as quickly as possible.


However, some things can’t be rushed…


Depending on the issue, therapy can take as little as a few weeks, months, or even years.


Some people come to therapy to solve quick problems in their life or relationships and some have much deeper issues that could not possibly be resolved in a mere few weeks.


Just because you reach your goals in therapy it does not mean you cannot return. I will also make myself available to you on an “as needed” basis if this is agreed upon at the time of termination process.


Here’s the bottom-line…


Ultimately YOU are control in the amount of time you want to spend in therapy. If at anytime you decide that you want to end therapy please know that there will be no hard feelings on my part.


When we meet for our first session we will discuss your goals. These can also change over time and do not need to be set in stone. Sometimes things come up in therapy, which require additional sessions and sometimes your goals can be met in just a few short weeks.





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