Sometimes life and relationships can be hard!

You are tired of feeling like life’s challenges are too much to handle.

You don’t quite find enjoyment out of life or your relationships like you used to.

You’re feeling stressed, anxious, or not quite like your usual self.

Perhaps your relationships are suffering, lacking communication, and arguing more than usual.

Or maybe, you’re going through a significant life-change and you’re just looking for a non-biased and caring professional to talk with.

It may seem like things will never change but it doesn’t need to be that way… I’m here to help.  

 Welcome! I’m Daniel.

Daniel Moultrie



Therapy can help with:

-Discovering personal strengths

-Reducing feelings of stress and anxiety

-Personal growth

-Building self esteem & self worth

-Rediscovering feelings of happiness

-Handling life’s challenges with confidence

-Reducing feelings of sadness

-Regaining trust, communication, and enjoyment out of your relationships


Sometimes all it takes is stepping out in faith and making the decision to invest in yourself.